naughty santa

Two vibrators with great design – Santa’s Little Helper & Vesper

Yep, a lot of people are still embarrassed to admit they have, or at least they want to own a one or buying a vibrator. Vibrators are definitely not the most discreet gadgets, but thankfully we have a whole fucking variety of shapes and sizes to choose from. That’s why we present to you two of the best designed vibrators out there and each one is unique in its own way.

 Santa’s Little Helper – Christmas time can become kinky!

Are you ready to spend Christmas holidays having fun with yourself? Although these holidays are about the spirit of kindness and good behaviour, sometimes they can have the mischievous side too, and this refers to kinky activities in bedroom, …

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Intimate piercings for women

Piercing of private body parts has a very long history. In Ancient Rome, for example, pierced body parts were a sign of courage, while in the Victorian era women pierced their nipples to make them look bigger. Today, the reasons for piercing are usually more aesthetic and perverse, and some people use them during S&M games or bondage.

The amount of pain during piercing

It depends on the endorphin levels in the body, because endorphin reduce the amount of pain. Whenever we’re stressed or afraid, endorphin is secreted in larger amounts, so it’s good if you’re a little bit scared while getting your piercing. The amount of pain also depends on piercing method and, of course, your personal pain threshold.…

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wife pee

Golden showers – Not the showers you’re used to

It seems that people are inclined to make everything that is forbidden into something sexually exciting, or perhaps the tendency of our culture is to prohibit everything potentially erotic. Either way, golden showers have always been considered a taboo, and just a few ever dare to try it. If by any case you still have no idea what “the golden shower” means – it’s about urinating on someone’s body. Simply put, instead of peeing in the toilet like everyone else, you pee on your partner, or vice versa during sex and that turns you on. Are you brave/crazy enough for this? Don’t ask us – we’ll only try to explain that it’s not so gross and unusual as you might …

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butt plugs

Butt plugs – A quick guide to anal stimulation

You’ve probably heard about it, but maybe you didn’t have the balls to try it. Be daring, forget about prejudice and try to set your sex life on fire with butt plugs, which are available in every sex shop for a reasonable amount of money. They’ve become a huge hit in the recent years for a reason, and here we’re about to persuade you to get one yourself.

What’s a butt plug?

It’s an erotic accessory which you can insert into the anus, and it’s intended for both women and men. Something like a dildo, but usually shorter so it can’t hurt the intestinal wall, and it has a flared base at the bottom so you can’t lose it somewhere …

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